Today saw the ever growing automobile investment platform: Yokg Autombile LLC website Hacked with KIAKU VIRUS! This trusted investment site has been working properly and is quite secure until today.

Yokg Autombile LLC  was a tested and Trusted company where you can invest and get paid, who are they and what are they into? ‘YOKG Automobiles was established in 2007.Since then, it has specialized in buying and selling used cars. It operates from its head office that’s located at 412 N Main St Ste 100, Buffalo, WY 82834 USA. Today, the company is different from the one that began operating 10 years ago. Its used car business is one of the most technologically advanced in the U.S.A. having stood the test of time this company caught the attention of Eagleswatch.

The Kiaku virus which was made by the Myanmar hackers took down the investment platform, the hackers as seen in the websites home screen are demanding a huge sum of 500  BTC ! now thats’ a lot of money, where will that online investment platform which claimed to  be in existence since 2007 see such amount of money. this Investment platform was rated 20% safe by scamadviser

But again looking at it from another perspective, was yokg a scam?  Well we can’t really say for sure , but think about this, days  before now, Yokg started getting people into investing a lot of money which will be cashed back in just few days! I was wondering how they will be able to make ends meet, I told one of people in the customer support section mr. Tom, “I hope Yokg will not disappear Micro-hash he reminded me that they had been since 2007, that built my confidence, I was about looking for how to get a couple of BTC to investment only to come back tonight and see that their website has been Hacked!

Could it be that they had planned this all along? To get people into investing their money in Huge amount so that they can Vanish like Micro-hash? We can’t say for sure. Weeks ago their investors started getting e-mails , for example they were told to invest minimum of $12 to about $1000 and get  12% of their investment every day, for just 12days, if am not mistaken their last Promo package was 350% for just 3days, this was when I sensed a foul play because this was a too good to be real opportunity.

Will they ever come Back? They can only answer that question, or peharps if you get too inquistive you can pay them a visit at the about mentioned address. Yokg Autombile LLC   was rated 20% safe by scamadviser. Lets see what the next few days will bring. Eagleswatch will never sleep, we shall keep on the watch and keep you updated. For Now Yokg is Down! Repeat YOKG IS DOWN!


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