If this doesn’t cure your staphylococcus, gonorrhea & other infection in 30 days, nothing else will.  

How Nigerian businessman makes millions from selling yams  

Bitcoin Interest offers a rare opportunity.  

Have you ever been turned down at the gate or offices while trying to submit an IT/internship, or a Job application?  Do you struggle to get your application for a Project “case Study” into the right hands? Well in this article we are going see suggestions on how we can get our application straight to
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Internship provides a platform for students of tertiary instutions to gather relevant industry experience. we must not fail to applaud the effort of our school system here in Nigeria for including such a provision in our curriculum but in it all we Nigerian students face great challenges in obtaining spaces for internship in relevant industries,
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The programmes are aimed at upgrading and strengthening the academic background of holders of Higher National Diploma (HND) and Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering disciplines, so as to enhance their managerial skills, engineering competence and efficiency in their jobs, as well as ensure an improved industrial productivity  

HISTORY OF DRILLING MUD In order to have a good understanding of drilling fluid and before going into detail it is interesting to know the sequence of events which lead gradually to the various developments and ultimately resulted in the present stage when success of drilling a hole is attributed to be significantly depends on
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The Actualizers Team (TAT) is an organization committed towards educating, informing, and entertaining Nigerian students in the Petroleum Training Institute campus, she is not political neither is she affiliated to any religious organization hence she has never been bias when it comes to reporting news on her desk either a positive news or a negative one.
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The country Nigeria, is the most populous country in Africa, it is also blessed with a huge amount of natural resources namely minerals and petroleum. But due to poor management, it has been found to be a  poor economy. After the oil boom in 1974 just 14 years after the country’s independence, many wondered if
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Introduction The petroleum industry today is a product of American business and with its 8,900 producing companies it is one of the most competitive industries in. America. Because of this it has emerged from World War II as one of our most highly specialized businesses, and never before has science been drawn upon and applied
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