What became of the crestfallen?

He learned to play gamer, not the game

For their bodies move before their hands

And their faces tell unuttered words.


What become of the Joker?

He learned to play the players, not the card

For though the cards are hidden

Yet their eyes rolled the shape of their cards.


What became of a nearly fallen King

He learned never to move pieces

Never to expose his queen, but yet plunder,

And keep the endgame in sight.


What became of the gambler?

He learnt the right time to count money

When to run, walk, stare and hold on

For all are losers, but yet all are winners.


What became of the fool?

He learned from wise men

And hope the wise learned from his foolishness

For all are wise, and yet all are fool!



For when thou art fall

Thou shall rise

And when thou arise

Thou shall fall!


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