“Some people say there is love in sharing” hence it is not out of place if I use this medium to tell you about the lessons that we can learn from the disappearance of micro-hash,

  • Nothing good comes easy, so whoever is promising you free BTC, or easy mining of BTC, have a second and a very deep thought about such an offer!


 Micro hash was a BTC mining company which helps their investors to make a life time investment for as low as $6!  The six dollars will get you a “hash power” of 50KH/s which will make you to be earning $0.63 worth of BTC per-day! At registration micro hash gives you an automatic 10KH/s mining power, which gives you a $0.12 worth of BTC per day, this means that immediately you sign up and confirm your email, you can login and start mining! To register all you need is a referral link; someone must have to refer you. Take time to gather more knowledge from this article.


After signing up all you need to do is to confirm your registration from your e-mail and  login, click on settings fill the appropriate field provided for BTC address, to enable withdrawal, the interesting thing about Micro Hash is that they do not charge you anything during withdrawal , what you see is what you get , no delays! Instant withdrawals! Well sadly not all investors, including six dollar investors were able to at least withdraw half of their investments.

  • The early bird catches the worm!

There were many investors who were able to make a good profit from Micro hash, this is because they are the “early birds” they were the first to invest and hence was able to get a meaningful return from their investments. The lesson is: when you find a paying BTC investment opportunity like micro hash , it is not out of place to consider its date of inception as that will help know if  to invest or not.

  • Envision disaster

Hours before Micro Hash disappeared , the website started having issues, you  can barely contact customer services , you can barely go to private areas, for Example when you login and click on payout it will log you out automatically ,they do not reply  e-mails , at all!, it was at this moment that I withdrew all my earnings at the slightest opportunity! On the next day. Lo and behold Micro Hash vanished!

  • Look Before you leap: before you invest there questions worth asking Who are the owners of this company? What do they stand for? What programmes have they put in place to insure sustainability? Are there transactions they have made that I can trace in blockchain? Does the date of the said transaction tally with the one in blockchain?

In conclusion, tomorrow we shall see a second, third, fourth and many Micro Hashs in their different forms. Before you invest remember:

  • Not all that glitters are gold.
  • Nothing good comes easy.
  • The early bird catches the worm.
  • Envision disaster.
  • Look before you leap.

We will definitely tell you about the lastest BTC investment opportunity, as always…


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