Develop and implement effective methods and strategies to improve performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability  Review financial statements, revenue and activity reports, and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement Identify competitive strategies and develop marketing plans to achieve maximum sales;

set meeting with potential clients to deliver tailored presentations or technical proposal Report to the Managing Director and submit annual reports on projects, operations executed and financial statements, annual budgets, work programs and other activities for approval Review annual budget, review budget proposals and approve/propose revisions, and execute the budget as approved by the Managing Director Negotiate, enter into, amend, terminate or settle contracts, agreements and commitments of all kind as authorized by the Managing Director Ensure that all contractual terms and obligations like claims, variations and payments, are upheld Participate in the Tender of new projects involving infrastructure and structural requirement; and select suppliers and subcontractors as per the BOQ and contractual documents
Attend exhibitions, events, gatherings, and meeting with potential clients and buyers to conduct sales and marketing for the materials and facilities
Conduct market survey and research for potential new projects, clients and business opportunities to generate revenues Ensure the company’s compliance to international and local standards (QHSE) and to other requirements of the state Recommend and participate in the selection and negotiation of equipment or additional facilities.

 Oversee purchase of materials; and ensure that facilities and equipment required are provided or delivered as per schedule Review and approve invoices, orders, and other financial documents as per planned budget; and conduct analytical study to serve as basis for any applicable cost-effective alternatives Build company image by effectively collaborating with customers, government, organizations and employees Attend weekly or periodical meetings with external parties like consultants, clients, buyers, vendors, and government institutions when required Conduct regular staff meetings to review on-going operations, troubleshoot areas needing corrective action, issues related to employees, etc.

Perform other related duties as advised by the immediate superior


Construction and Project Management Business, Contracts and Risk Management
Applicable international and local construction specifications and standards
Government laws regarding contracts and contractual issues, agreements, disputes and other concerns
Sales and Marketing
Strong communication and negotiation skills in both the Arabic and English Languages Leadership, decision-making and analytical skills

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