See The Reward A Homeless Man Gets For Returning $10k

See The Reward A Homeless Man Gets For Returning $10k

See The Reward A Homeless Man Gets For Returning $10k

Homeless Man Returns $10k Gets Handsomely Rewarded.

Roberta Hoskie a Business woman based in Connecticut ( the northeastern part of USA.) dropped a $10,000 check in the street only for it to be returned by a homeless man, and her reaction shows that she really appreciates the Honesty of the Man who returned it.


The man who returned this check goes by the name Elmer Alverez and when interviewed by NBC he said: “I didn’t think twice about returning the money when I discovered the check, what I did finding the money and returning it , I would do all over again”


Realtor Roberta Hoskie has already uploaded a video on social media (Facebook) showing where she is appreciating Elmer Alvarez for his kind gesture, and since then the said video has gone viral.


The Homeless Alvarez who wasn’t expecting any thing in return for his honesty was rather stunned when the one time homeless New Haven business owner offered him a scholarship in her real estate school, a job interview, and an opportunity to learn English.


But something happened that made the Homeless Alvarez shed tears,  the business owner told him: “This winter you don’t have to worry about being in the cold we have housing for you” at this moment Mr Alvarez thanked his God and said it was God that made it possible.


Hoskie  then asked him a favour , and the favour is that he should remember others like him when he might have gained a good financial status.

And Alvarez with eyes filled with appreciation replied: “I am going to go for it”

Conclusively The Eagle question is: “if you are the one that found this $10k will you return it?”

Let us know via the comment box below.


featured image credits:nydailynews


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