MLM as a business has revolutionized over the years, there were times when it was product marketing, then promoters will do all in their power to ensure they sell off the products they have just to climb the ladder, then came the era of matrix/binary, now we have a combination of the binary system and investment packages. Tradeobug as a portfolio managers company utilizes the both binary and investment to make the best out the business and for their clients too. Here are six reasons why you should consider investing in Tradeobug today.


With TradeoBug, You have the advantage to be in the seed or early stage of the company`s life-cycle.

They know how to manage your money & they know how to make money for you. They offer to their investors a unique client accounts that are accessible only to Wealthy families, entrepreneurs, ultra-high net worth individuals, intermediaries and financial institutions. The company which was lunched October 2016 is not yet a year old as at the date of writing this article. Some people say a stitch in time saves nine; if you invest today they will take the risk for you.


You can invest, sit and watch your more grow or you can harness other means of earning available. There is Smart wallet which stores the percentage you are paid daily as a commission for your investment, Affiliate wallet stores a commission paid to you from people under you, there is a matrix/ wallet and a core wallet too. But to access this part of the program you need to register first in the program, and registration is free!

3 FREE REGISTRATION: because the registration is free , even without funding your account you can start to register people under yourself ., if these people start funding. your Affiliate and matrix wallets will activate and start paying you!  All you need to do is get a sponsor ID (a Tradeobug sponsor ID looks like this HJ33Z9E5, copy this or click on ‘get sponsor’)

    1. 4. MULTIPLE FUND PROCESSORS. Some individuals have shied away from getting involved in online business in the past because of not being able to access payment/funding means. For example in the past when countries like Nigeria where not able to use paypal, automatically any site that deals with or makes payments only with paypal have automatically barred Nigerians. But that is not the case with tradeobug as they have multiple fund processors which includes, Bitcoin , payeer, perfect money , local banks, master card , visa and many more.
    2. EXPOSURE TO DIGITAL CURRENCY: it is no doubt that cryptocurrency has come to stay , with Tradeobug you can invest with other fund processors like your local bank and yet choose to get your returns in BTC. Hence instead of hurriedly buying the ever raising BTC you can earn BTC from your investments in Tradeobug.


  1. A GOOD SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM. How long will Tradeobug keep bugging out money? Well no Human institution lasts forever even the human life does not, a reassuring word from Tradoebug’s official ( website site says “We passionately believe that quality investment products can be made in every market and we are excited to share it with you.

Our efficient team of trader′s on platform such as the advanced MT5     and the use of AUTOBot′s like Social Trading, Real Time Bidding                  software′s are the key to our ability to meet the customer needs and design a ‘Fail Proof’ future framework”..





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