The Actualizers Team (TAT) is an organization committed towards educating, informing, and entertaining Nigerian students in the Petroleum Training Institute campus, she is not political neither is she affiliated to any religious organization hence she has never been bias when it comes to reporting news on her desk either a positive news or a negative one.

How do you view TAT? Many in recent times has neglected the numerous positivity’ surrounding TAT and choose to cling to what they thought to be negative. How?

Some claim that TAT only cartoon people and that her presence in the campus makes Nigerian students scared of living what they call a normal life. But why will someone who is doing what is right be scared?

Over the years TAT has interviewed many prominent students and some who are not prominent making them kings so to speak. This is done through interviews that are later published on TAT board. Now don’t you think it will be bias to report only the good that these people do and cover their ills?

Nevertheless TAT has helped many students and staffs to recover their lost items such as ATM cards, cash, credentials ,identity cards and many valuables , so you may agree with me that TAT as an organization has a lot of positivity that are admirable and commendable.

But wait a minute, let’s be honest, suppose TAT stop writing and reporting for at least two weeks, what do you think will happen? More evil will prevail! Because the evil doers will not be afraid of being exposed, and who knows, the victim of the evil act may be you.

Over the years TAT has given many young students the opportunity to become a nationwide reporter, for example, the president of 2016/2017 session (Mr Ojo Gbenga) has written many news and articles that can be found in the “Nations Newspaper” and “Daily Times” indeed TAT made him a king. Akintomide Akindotun was a graduate of welding and fabrication and a strong “Actualizer”, he started reporting as a student in the “campus life” section of the nations newspaper and during his NYSC he served with the Vanguard Newspaper and they retained him! Off course the admin of this blog is a diehard actualizer, former TAT PRO 2015/2017 session Just to mention a few, Well “as you make your bed na so you lie on top”, the choice is yours if involve yourself in positive things, then TAT will also give a positive report about you, and make you a king, on the other hand if you play with darkness they have no option than to crown you a slave.

Do you think you are being oppressed? Do you want to clear your name?, Take this opportunity, come and let TAT make your voice to be heard by Nigerian students.

Are you a talented young man? You can get better with TAT.

TAT……gathering of intellectuals

TAT…..the king makers…….           


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