Days after Microhash vanished into the thin air came the Russian oil corp, Russian oil corp was born on the 28th day of August 2017 obviously it hasn’t lasted up to two weeks, even as at that it boast of about -$ 1351948.91$

of investment and a total withdrawal of $ 8000.1. As at 6th of september 2017 the site claims to offer a 300% return on an investment which ranges from $1 to 29 dollars an investment plan which they call “Barell I” with other “too good to be real” investment packages.

Russian oil corp investment packages

To see this for yourself you can CLICK HERE But hey before you click that take your time see LESSONS WE CAN LEARN FROM THE DISAPPPEARANCE OF MICRO-HASH Because “once bitten twice shy” they say, take your time to review the risk . i am not yet recommending this program , because no known person including me has ever made withdrawal from the site. please if you are a registered member that has already made a withdrawal , show us proof with at least a screen shot from both the site and your e-mail. RECOMENDATION If you can not bear the pain of losing a dollar or two then DON’T INVEST until its has been proven that the program really pays..  Until then EAGLESWATCH will keep on the watch.


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