The year 2017 was marked with a very high increase in the price of bitcoin, attracting both negative and positive attention; here we want to recap the top BTC related scams of the year.


Micro hash was a BTC mining company which helps their investors to make a life time investment for as low as $6!  The six dollars will get you a “hash power” of 50KH/s which will make you to be earning $0.63 worth of BTC per-day!

At registration micro hash gives you an automatic 10KH/s mining power, which gives you a $0.12 worth of BTC per day, this means that immediately you sign up and confirm your email, you can login and start mining! T

After signing up all you need to do is to confirm your registration from your e-mail and  login, click on settings fill the appropriate field provided for BTC address, to enable withdrawal.

The interesting thing about Micro Hash is that they do not charge you anything during withdrawal , what you see is what you get , no delays! Instant withdrawals! Well sadly not all investors, including six dollar investors were able to at least withdraw half of their investments.

After  the disappearance of micro hash came the likes Auroasmine and many others with an initiation  of either in appearance or the style of micro hash.

Really microhash, hashed a lot of poor follows.


robert rillFounded by a so called Robert Rill a self acclaimed trading professional, Tradeobug as a portfolio managers company utilizes the both binary and investment to make the best out the business and for their clients 

They claimed that they know how to manage your money & they know how to make money for you. They offer to their investors a unique client accounts that are accessible only to Wealthy families, entrepreneurs, ultra-high net worth individuals, intermediaries and financial institutions. The company which was lunched October 2016 is not yet a year old as at the date of writing this article. Some people say a stitch in time saves nine; if you invest today they will take the risk for you. But all are just talks, tradeobug today is gone claiming that their site is under maintenance.


Agueably one of the most promising but yet terrible HYIP . founded by a Brazilian Alaxander Kwok, somehow this MLM went as far as africe penetrating uganda and Nigeria,

Prosperity clube is a global investment company founded byAlexander Kwok Alexandre Kwok and Eneas Tomaz, the company is launched in the market in 2017 in Brazil, its administrative office and operations centre is located in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. With the official website:

prosperity clube went as far as creating a digital coin (proscoin) with that many thought they were really prospering, but its disappearance brought a lot of disrepute to all who marketed it.

Sadly prosperity clube is gone , gone and done


Very terrible one indeed I like the way they disappeared, they woke up one morning and claim that they had been hacked.

’YOKG Automobiles claimed that they were established in 2007. Since then, it has specialized in buying and selling used cars. It operates from its head office that’s located at 412 N Main St Ste 100, Buffalo, WY 82834 USA. Today, the company is different from the one that began operating 10 years ago. But all was cock and bull stories, they vanished like all others.

There were a lot of other pump and dump investments  sites in the internet until now, funny enough these companies are  actually certified, with good security.and  proper certifications. Care and caution should be excercised while choosing. worse yet there are some that cant even pay you a dimme, see if you can reckone with the flowwing pictures,


Home page of russian oil corp


offcourse who will forget Bitpipette, and the likes of long standing scam sites such as Start miner and many more

i really belived alot has been learnt in 2017.

Which of these scams really took your money, mention it down below in the comment box and give them a yellow card.


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