You have probably heard this question countless times if you are in the market for a new job in the Middle East. This is not an out-of-this-world question nor is it impossible to answer, but the fact that it is asked in almost every job application process, in one form or another, makes it a very fundamental question that is worth analyzing.

Why do employers ask this question? What information are they trying to obtain by asking it? Wouldn’t they know on their own if they should hire you or not? Well, just like every other question you might be asked on an application or during a job interview, this one is meant to provide the employer with more information about you and why you are the best fit for the job. And yes, it is quite a big question and it does mean that you have to ‘sell yourself’, but it is a very critical question and you should absolutely plan to master it.

After all, if you do not know why you are relevant for the job, why you deserve to take this position, and why the employer should hire you, then you might as well end the application process right there and say your goodbye.   Let’s break it down. When you are asked “why should we hire you?” (or any of its sister questions such as why are you the ideal candidate for this job? What makes you suitable for the position? Why did you apply? Why do you want to work for us? And so on) there really are multiple items that the employer is trying to understand. Here they are: 


In most cases, the company that has contacted you for a job interview or allowed you to fill out an application is interested in you. But by asking “why should we hire you?” they also want to know whether or not YOU are genuinely interested in them.

Interest means you have curiosity and care about the work the company does, the products or services they have, the job responsibilities you would assume, the career you would build, the impact you would make, and such.

So when asked this question, remember that a chunk of your answer must highlight the fact that you are truly interested and excited about joining this company for the specific reasons you are going to provide. Obviously, without having done your research and having obtained sufficient information about the company and the vacancy, showing interest will be impossible, or noticeably fabricated.


While being interested, excited, thankful is all nice and dandy, it is not enough to answer the question or to get you hired. Your interest aside, your answer should always demonstrate your relevance and suitability for the job on hand.

This is your time to shine. This is when you talk about your qualifications, your skills, your background, and your experience that align so nicely with the job requirements. Basically, you and the job should seem like a match made in heaven.

Another item to keep in mind is the company’s vision, mission, and values. Discuss how these relate perfectly to your personal goals and ambitions. Again this is the part where “why should we hire you?” becomes “what makes you qualified and relevant?” so give as much time to this part of your answer as you will to all of the other elements we discuss here.


“So tell me, why should we hire you?”

Something about this question seems intimidating to many job seekers. It throws them off guard, or worse, demotivates them a bit. It is almost like the company is questioning them or claiming to be skeptical about their potential. But there is no reason to feel that way. Don’t think about it as an interrogation or an invalidation. This is a common question and the fact that you are asked to answer it doesn’t necessarily mean that the company has doubts about your or your competencies.

Look at this question as an opportunity to show your confidence, to demonstrate how much you believe in your abilities and in your potential if you join the company. Employers receive hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of applications for each position they have. As a result, they are under a lot of pressure to make a well-informed hiring decision. Showing confidence is, therefore, an important strategy to truly stand out from this large pool of applicants and to let the employer know you do actually deserve this opportunity.


Another reason answering this question is so important is that it showcases your commitment to the employer. It proves that you are in for the long haul and that this isn’t just a stepping stone or a temporary gig for you. Almost always, companies want employees who truly belong, who truly care about the company, and who plan to be there for as long as they foresee. So emphasize on your passion and investment in this company. Prove to them that you are planning to stay, grow, lead, and make an impact over a long period of time. 


Another area that employers are hinting on when they ask why they should hire you, and not anyone else who applied for the job, is whether or not you will add value to the company. Adding value means more than having relevant qualifications. It means that you perform at the highest standards, that you look for new ways to enhance your job and how it impacts the company, that you continuously seek to learn and grow but also help others do the same, that you always explore new opportunities to grow the business, and that you constantly have the company’s goals and mission in mind when you perform your job.  


Think of your previous jobs and experiences where you have created value and use them as examples if they can help you answer this question. If not, make clear statements of how you plan to add value and be a vital resource to your team and company should you take on this role.

Remember that this is the most basic question that truly guides your job application towards the hire or reject pile. Therefore, you should have it answered for each position you apply for. There are 10,000+ jobs available on Bayt.com today and every day, so get to the search and find your ideal position.

What do you think of this question? Have you been asked why you should be hired before? How did you answer it? Let us know in the comments below.

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